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Computational Neuroscientist


Dorotea is a Ph.D. researcher at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Before moving into academia, Dorotea was in the IT industry in Australia for over 10 years beginning her career as a system engineer. Building on her passion for robots, data and Artificial Intelligence, Dorotea embraces organic technologies using a humanistic approach – nature informing technical design and ultimately man working with machine.


To ensure she has continued to progress this knowledge in her career she has completed degrees in technology, management, neuroscience and data science. During her studies in Computational Neuroscience in Berlin she developed an avid interest in Decision Making. She is currently exploring this area further in her PhD at the University of Technology, Sydney placing a particular focus on ethical decision-making.


She is also working as a Data Scientist and educating those around her on the ethical use of data in evidence based outcomes; moreover, she mentors many young (human) men and women in the technology industry.


> Organizational Neuroscience

> Morality

> Decision-Making

> Artificial Intelligence


University of Technology, Sydney

Ph.D.,  (exp. 2023)

University of Technology, Sydney

M.Sc. Data Science and Innovation


Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

M.Sc. Computational Neuroscience


University of Technology, Sydney

M.Sc. Business, IT, Management

University of Technology, Sydney

B.Sc. Information Technology

MIT Sloan School of Management

IT Leadership Program


Massaro, S., Baljević, D., & Castañer, X. Organizational Stigma

[Theoretical Development Stage]

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