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Organizational Neuroscience Sessions at The 2019 Academy of Management Meeting

At the 2019 Academy of Management Meeting in Boston, Sebastiano and David Waldman (ASU) put together an agenda-setting Caucus titled "Organizational Neuroscience: Towards A Scholarly Community."

(C) 2019 Academy of Management

This Caucus will see the participation of renowned discussants and panelists, including:

  • Herman Aguinis, the Vice President-Elect of the Academy of Management and Avram Tucker, Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management at The George Washington University School of Business

  • John Antonakis, Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) at the University of Lausanne, who recently co-edited the Organizational Research Methods' Special Issue on Neuroscience Methods

  • Richard Boyatzis, Distinguished University Professor and H.R. Horvitz Chair of Family Business at Case Western Reserve University

  • Johan Wiklund, Al Berg Chair and Professor of Entrepreneurship at Whitman School of Management, Syracuse University and editor-in-chief of Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  • Phillip Phan, Alonzo and Virginia Decker Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School and editor-in-chief of Academy of Management Perspectives.

The primary goal of this session is to foster the academic discussion toward the creation of an Interest Group in Organizational Neuroscience at the Academy of Management.

Sebastiano will also take part in a Symposium titled "Building a Field of Organizational Neuroscience: Challenges and Prospects" (session #1789), with Constant Beugré (Delaware State University), James Dulebohn (Michigan State University), Michael Butler (Aston University), Richard and David. Sebastiano will contribute his reflections and study on the promises and challenges of Organizational Neuroscience, in particular as regards functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), leading to a truly interdisciplinary exchange.

We are looking forward to discussing Organizational Neuroscience in Boston!

Further Readings

Beugré C. D., Dulebohn J., Waldman D. A., Boyatzis R. E. , Butler M., & Massaro, S. (2019). Building a Field of Organizational Neuroscience: Challenges and Prospects. In: G. Atinc (Ed.), Academy of Management Global Proceedings (Vol. 1, 13383). Boston: Academy of Management.


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