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The Organizational Neuroscience of Emotions

Enriching Affective Event Theory with an Organizational Neuroscience perspective.

In the forthcoming work appearing in the Cambridge Handbook of Workplace Affectivity (Eds. L. Yang, R. S. Cropanzano, C. Daus,  & V. A. M. Tur - Cambridge University Press), Sebastiano presents an Organizational Neuroscience perspective on emotions.

This work discusses primary methodological motivations supporting the use of neuroscience in workplace affectivity. Intriguingly, it draws a strong theoretical parallel between the acknowledged Affective Event Theory (Weiss & Cropanzano, 1996; Weiss & Beal, 2005) and the neural circuitries involved in emotional information processing.

Neuroscience research relevant to the organizational affective literature is explained by covering the domains of both intra-individual and inter-personal affect, and more specifically, topics such as basic emotions, emotional contagion, and emotional intelligence, among others.

Further Readings

Massaro, S. (2019). The Organizational Neuroscience of Emotions. In: L. Yang, R. S. Cropanzano, C. Daus,  & V. A. M. Tur (Eds.), The Cambridge Handbook of Workplace Affect. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press. (In Press).

Weiss, H. M., & Beal, D. J. (2005). Reflections on affective events theory. In: The effect of affect in organizational settings (pp. 1-21). Emerald Group Publishing Limited.


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