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Heart Rate Variability Analysis for Organizational Neuroscience

A recent publication in Organizational Research Methods is advancing the field of Organizational Neuroscience, introducing Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis.

HRV represents the fluctuation between consecutive heartbeats and can be computed from an electrocardiogram to reflect the activity of the Autonomic Nervous System on the heart. In this work, by taking an inclusive definition of Organizational Neuroscience, Sebastiano and Leandro Pecchia (Warwick School of Engineering) comprehensively review the HRV methodology, and present a compendium of the computational steps needed to perform rigorous HRV research. Moreover, they explain why and how HRV analysis can be applied to several domains of organizational and management research. The central idea is that thanks to HRV properties and the intrinsic wearability of current HRV digital tools, Organizational Neuroscience can substantially advance knowledge on the real-time unfolding of organizational behaviors while retaining full ecological validity.

Additionally, two works using HRV have been presented at the Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics, and have been published in its proceedings. Here, we used HRV and a combination of experimental and systematic approaches to investigate mental stress and learning.

Further Readings

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Castaldo R., Montesinos L., Melillo P., Massaro S., & Pecchia L. (2018) To What Extent Can We Shorten HRV Analysis in Wearable Sensing? A Case Study on Mental Stress Detection. In: H. Eskola, O. Väisänen, J. Viik, & J. Hyttinen (Eds.), EMBEC & NBC IFMBE Proceedings (Vol. 65, pp. 643-646). Singapore: Springer.


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