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Welcome to The Blog

The Organizational Neuroscience Laboratory's website is back with a blog.

A novelty in our new website is the introduction of the Insights page (aka "The Blog").

The aim of this section of the website is two-fold. First, it works as a platform to facilitate the dissemination of our activities and engagements, publications, conference participation, works in progress, and so forth. Second, it aims to generate a welcoming and collective space for others to get to know us and reflect together on our core interests: organizational neuroscience, behavioral science and economics, and decision-making, among others.

Collectively, we seek to keep a balance between accessibility and rigor, with the overarching goal to spread scientific knowledge and understanding. While by no means do we wish to substitute the role of academic papers with blog posts, we do hope that by presenting the research in a somewhat more lay, reader-friendly format, we will make it easier for users to appreciate the paradigmatic shifts that organizational neuroscience and behavioral science are bringing forth in business and society today.

Our first few posts present some highlights that have characterized our brief life as a lab so far. Moving forward, we can only hope that an increasing readership will allow us to further populate these pages with exciting news and information.

Thanks for visiting us!

The Lab


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