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Over the years we have valued and enjoyed scholarly exchanges and global collaborations with, among others, the following researchers:

Aldo Rustichini

Neuroeconomics, University of Minnesota

Bill Becker

Organizational Neuroscience, Virginia Tech

Elliot Ludvig

Behavioral Science and Psychology, Warwick University

Cristina Scarpazza

Neuroimaging, King's College London

Eugenio Proto

Behavioral Economics, Bristol University

Giovanni Gavetti

Behavioral Strategy, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

Leandro Pecchia

Biomedical Engineering, Warwick University

Matteo Farinella

Neuro-comics, Columbia University

M.K. Ward

Organizational Neuroscience, Centre for Transformative Work Design at UWA Business School

Russell Cropanzano

Organizational Neuroscience, Colorado Boulder

Silvia Montagna

Statistics and Neuroimaging, University of Turin

David Waldman

Organizational Neuroscience, Arizona State University

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