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Behavioral Scientist


Yu-Chun is a Leverhulme Trust funded Ph.D. Researcher in Behavioral Science at Warwick University, working under the main supervision of Professor Gordon D. A. Brown.

Yu-Chun received a M.Sc. in Behavioral and Economic Science with Distinction from Warwick University, and previously studied Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University. She completed her B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Economics at the University of Queensland, and the University of Edinburgh (Scottish Graduate Program in Economics), respectively. Her undergraduate studies were funded by the Foundation Year Scholarship, and she graduated with Dean’s List Honors.

Yu-Chun’s research involves developing and testing behavioral theories through multidisciplinary approaches, including econometrics, mathematical modeling, and experimentation. She is currently researching and working on identifying factors that influence individuals’ perceptions of their true beliefs and attitudes, as well as modeling how judgements and perceived personal attitudes affect one's behavior. Moreover, Yu-Chun is passionate about the empirical study of what makes people’s behavior and/or expressed attitudes deviate from their beliefs within a social context. One example of this research focuses on the impact of socio-political systems and social norms on individuals’ values and purchasing behavior.


More recently, Yu-Chun is investigating the role of emotions and the relationship between internal moral standards and moral decision-making, together with examining motivations behind prosocial and antisocial behavior.



Warwick University - Leverhulme Bridges

Department of Psychology

Ph.D., Behavioural Science (exp.)

Stanford University

Management Science


Warwick University

M.Sc., Behavioural and Economic Science

University of Edinburgh

M.Sc., Economics

University of Queensland

B.Sc., Economics



Scarpazza, C., Huang, Y., Zangrossi, A., & Massaro, S. (2018). Is Interoceptive Sentivivity Linked to Interoceptive Awareness in Alexithymia?. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 109, 132.

Scarpazza, C., Huang, Y., Zangrossi, A., Sartori, G., & Massaro, S. (2019) Dissociation of Interoceptive Abilities in the Defective Processing of Emotional Experience
[Under Review]

Huang, Y., Scarpazza, C., & Massaro, S. (2019) Emotional Regulation, Moral Foundations, and Social Value Orientation: A Behavioral and a Neurophysiological Approach
[In Preparation]

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